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Shipping and Orders

Shipping and Order Policy


Your Bryt Order


Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email. This will include the pricing, purchase details and order number. You should save this for future reference should you need customer service at a later date.

If you place you order before 14:00 weekdays, it shall be processed the same day ensuring speedy delivery.


Your Bryt Delivery


All orders are shipped from Bryt Headquarters in the UK. Delivery times usually take between 2 - 4 business days in the UK. International orders will usually take an additional 2 - 4 days to arrive.

These times are best estimates and delivery times may vary. We shall try our best to keep to our advised Delivery times.

Delivery times during sales and the holiday season may be slightly longer. Summer 2015 Pre-orders are estimated to arrive in late august. We shall put our heart and soul into achieving this timeframe.


Bryt Shipping Charges


SHIPPING IS FREE on all UK orders of £30 or more. A lower value will incur a shipping charge of £3 in the UK.

International shipping outside of the UK will incur a shipping charge of £5. Heavier shipments may incur a greater cost.


If you have additional questions regarding your order or delivery, please contact us through our contact form.




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