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The brightest brand ever. And the first of it’s kind.

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Getting Kickstarted

Bryt is launching. We’re kicking it off super simple on kickstarter. Bryt’s designs are so bright, yet so simple. 9 sock designs and 9 designs only. Giving you an easy choice and putting a smile on your face.

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And that’s just for starters

Bryt have 100’s of designs waiting for production with your help. You will see socks. Underwear. T-shirts. Shirts. Shorts. Dresses. And that’s the tip of the iceberg. Bryt is aiming for a total collection of men and woman’s clothes. All super Bryt.

The Brytest thing to happen to clothes, since clothes.

Bryt have two goals. Create a brand only producing bright clothes and improving your confidence and happiness. Bryt’s colourful designs are the catalyst for change. New confidence. Big action. Huge change. And without change comes no improvement. That’s why all our clothes will be super Bryt.

Not just a brighter sock. A better sock.

You will love the quality of Bryt socks. Our socks use the best combed-cotton. Long narrow fibres hand picked in the Turkish Aegean region provide an incredible thread count. Leaving your feet feeling unbelievable. A super soft yarn that makes Bryt’s colour super bright. And stay bright.

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